Stock # B57-E7530-V0-00

GYTR® Torque Assist Gear Kit

Dealer Price $2,783.95 CAD
Helps your unit get up, over, and through the rockiest terrain, tightest trails, and nastiest mud. This innovative system reduces overall gearing, providing enhanced torque control. Provides 30% reduction (70% 1st gear) vs. stock gearing when your terrain demands the ultimate accessory for low speed and tight trail riding. Provides all the necessary genuine parts required (Yamalube®, sold separately) for installation - optimized MCU, factory pre-machined case, stock bearings, precision cut gears, speedometer calibrator, and gaskets are included. There is no grinding, shipping of the transmission or guesswork involved.
  • 30% reduction on original gearing for balanced close ratio performance
  • 70% reduction to 1st gear from OEM for ultimate low speed crawling
  • Includes MCU (shift computer) optimized for use with the Gear Reduction System for perfect shifts in all situations
  • Speedometer calibrator provides the ability to adapt to various tire sizes for precise speedometer reading
  • Dealer installation recommended
  • MCU not shown
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